Welcome to Finglas Counselling Service

 “Sharing a burdened heart with another frees us from its weight long enough to focus on
solutions. "
- Liane Cordes

Every life has its challenges.  Added to that the current economic environment has presented additional pressures for many people.  It can feel overwhelming when struggling to get through it alone. Talking in confidence to a counsellor can help lift the burden and help you find the resources you  need to cope. 

Finglas Counselling Service is a community based counselling service located in St Helena’s Resource Centre, St Helena’s Road, Finglas.

We provide low cost, accessible counselling for individuals and couples living in Finglas and the surrounding areas.  Talking to one of our counsellors can help with issues such as:-

·        Depression
·        Anxiety/Panic
·        Obsessive compulsive disorder
·        Phobias
·        Family/relationship difficulties
·        Abuse
·        Low self-esteem/self-image
·        Emotional crisis
·        Suicidial ideation
·        Job loss and work issues
·        Bereavement

To make an appointment call us at
01-880 0509 (10am – 1pm)